Mr. Bao Haiming, President 
1.1990 Graduated from Zhejiang University, Department of Chemical Engineering,

2. 2001 Received MBA Degree of Tsinghua University and went to Canada for further education,

3. 2004 Received M.S. of Environmental Management from York University

4. 2005 Founded Zhejiang ECO-WASTE Technology Co., Ltd

5. 2010 Be granted to be among the 4th National Recruitment Program of Global Experts by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the P.R.C.

Currently serving as :

the leader of Solid Waste Team of the Energy & Environment Committee of the National Recruitment Program of Global Experts;
the Vice Chairman of the Energy, Resources & Environment Branch of Zhejiang Association of Scholars from Overseas;

 Mr. Liu Yushan, Vice President, Inventor of VRTG Technology 

1. Senior Engineer of Heavy Machinery R&D
2. Expert in coal to gas technology
3. 2002 Developed and manufactured the first 25t/d gasifier for medical waste disposal;
4. 2005 Developed and manufactured the first 100t/d gasifier for MSW disposal and get adopted for MSW gasification project in Jinan, Shandong Province;


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