Founded in 2005, Zhejiang ECO-WASTE Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech environment protection company engaged in development and manufacturing of core equipment and research, development and design of core technologies, engineering design, operation management, The company was named as national high-tech enterprise in 2008 with a number of branches at home and abroad. The current registered capital of the company is 100 million Yuan and over 40 patents of the company are under the application process.

ECO-WASTE is the largest environment protection company with the best technology of solid waste thermal pyrolysis incineration technology in China. The independently researched and developed vertical rotary thermal pyrolysis incineration technology of the company supplies the gap of medium and small capacity waste incineration, the technology has passed the national verification of environmental protection technique results, and  rewarded the 2nd prize of science and technology. Because of the unique environment protection advantages and economic benefits of this technology, it has become the best choice for the incineration disposal of medium and small size household waste, medical waste and hazardous waste. The company has invested 220 million Yuan in the construction of 8.3 acres manufacture base for the R & D of vertical rotary thermal pyrolysis incineration furnace and auxiliary facilites in Ningbo Wangchun Industrial Zone, which enables Ningbo becoming the R&D and manufacturing center of the national garbage thermal pyrolysis incineration system and the state level engineering technology center. The company now has developed a series of melting furnaces with a treatment capability of 5 ~ 150 t/d each, which has been successfully applied in over tem cities of the country and some of the overseas cities.




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