Based on the self-developed vertical rotating thermal pyrolysis incineration technology, ECO-WASTE takes the road of diversity development, supplies the gap of medium and small capacity waste incineration and offers sound EPC Project General Contracting solutions for the incineration disposal projects of medium and small capacity domestic waste, medical waste and hazardous waste. In the year of 2011, vertical rotating thermal pyrolysis incineration system was exported overseas and contracted to build three incineration generation plants for Iran Tehran, Sari and Norsha; the Iranian party signed a framework cooperation agreement of other 15 waste incineration projects with us in the May of 2012 with a total contract amount reaching $0.216 billion; we signed a 20t/d medical waste incineration and disposal project agreement with Bangkok, Thailand in the year of 2013; ECO-WASTE has become a successful company going abroad for exporting technology and equipment as a domestic environmental protection enterprise.

Wastewater treatment engineering of ECO-WASTE mainly refers to rural domestic wastewater treatment, urban fecal treatment, softened water treatment, reuse of recycled water, seawater desalination, industrial wastewater treatment as well as wastewater treatment in special industries such as slaughters, breeding, hospitals and landfill leachate. With technological innovation, ECO-WASTE applies no-sludge biological fluidized bed technique, heterogeneous photocatalysis pre-treatment technique, energetic particle strong oxidization technique, HASR high-efficient anaerobic technique, BOBM high-efficient aerobiotic technique and membrane separation technique in different water treatment fields.



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