Vertical Rotary Thermal Gasification Technology
The independently researched and developed Vertical Rotary Thermal Gasification Technology of the company has received multiple national patents and has passed the environment protection technology result evaluation of the country, and recommended by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry to apply for the National Environmental Protection Department’s First Award of Science and Technology, and is the only company that‘s involved in the drafting of the “Industry Standards of the National Vertical Rotary Thermal gasification Equipments”. Because of the unique environment protection advantages ,such as “high thermal efficiency, higher temperature in the primary combustion chamber , lower loss of ignition, lower dust emission, lower concentration of dioxine emission”, and the economic benefits of this technology, such as “simple and impact furnace structure, convenient to start or stop the furnace and maintain, lower running energy consumption, light-weighted, small footprint, lower construction and operation as well as mainteniance cost.” has become the ideal solution for   medium and small size solid waste gasification disposal.



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