The ECO-WASTE Vertical Rotary Gsification Technology is mainly made up by the gasifier (the primary chamber) and the secondary chamber (syngas chamber). The Vertical Rotary design makes the gasifier body and the grate can rotate into the same or diferent directions, which enable an evenly waste distrubtion for the whole chamber and continuous slag discharging. 


Different from traditional incineration technology, ECO-WASTE’s two-stages manner will gasify the solid waste to produce the combustible syngas (synthesis gas) in the primary combustion chamber and then burn the syngas in the secondary combustion chamber. As it is burn the syngas rather than burn the waste directly, this procedure can secure the occurrences of the harmful elements especially like fly ash, nitrogen oxides, dioxin in a very low standard. The vertical rotary design makes the furnace body and the grate rotate relatively, which solves the technical problem on evenness of materials and continuous slagging. Moreover, it mixes wastes, which is helpful for gasification and sufficient combustion. As the slag has ceramic character, it enhances the integrated utilization of slag.





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